Re: Precinct 3549: Sandra Crenshaw Goes Berserk

Here’s everything I know about the Crenshaw matter: the voicemail on her cell phone is full. I can’t leave her a message, and she isn’t picking up. Meanwhile, I’m told by someone who works in the media that the fellow who has shot the video that supposedly shows Crenshaw trying to hijack her precinct and the ensuing brouhaha — that fellow is weighing offers, trying to figure out how best to use this video as leverage. He’s a student. He wants to meet Obama. He thinks Obama might give him a job. Something along those lines. Reminds me of the South Park episode where the Underpants Gnomes reveal their genius business plan:

Step 1: collect underpants
Step 2: ???
Step 3: profit


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137 responses to “Re: Precinct 3549: Sandra Crenshaw Goes Berserk”

  1. Maggie says:

    Ok that sucks… guy needs to give up the video. I’m pretty sure Obama has bigger concerns than his footage from Precinct 3549 right now.

    At least photos are coming, if that plane ever lands.

  2. Kerr Mudgeon says:

    How long is a flight from Dallas to New Mexico?

  3. Maggie says:

    Hi again “Kerr”… their original flight was canceled, so they were put on the 2:05, which has them landing in approximately ten minutes. Laura knows we’re waiting for the pics, never fear.

    Also, a local CNN correspondent just called the student videographer… let’s hope he can be properly dazzled enough to finally release it. 😉

  4. just a required name says:

    like the press wouldn’t have a field day if obama gave this idiot a job in order to acquire legal fodder against clinton… i guess we’ll have to wait until this video goes on ebay to find out what actually happened here.

    thanks for alerting us to this issue maggie.

    can someone please clarify what the final results of the votes in this precinct ended up being?

  5. Maggie says:

    That’s a great question — the only data I can find is whether the precincts have been reported or not, and that precinct is listed as being reported… but I’m dying to find out what that count was!

    I wonder how far Crenshaw took her “corrections” to those delegate sheets last night…

  6. Toots says:

    What a little asshole. I’ll give $50 bucks for it.

  7. El Rey says:

    Precinct 3549 voted overwhelmingly for Obama – 88%. I wonder how Sandra is going to correct the caucus results?

  8. sandra crenshaw says:

    Hey guys I am Sandra Crenshaw and I want
    the film and the video and soon as possible then I will be able to identify the persons who

    1. Followed the instructions of the Obama New Mexico “attorneys’hereafter referred toas attorneys” who directed the Obama delegates to declare themselves the chair and snatch the official delegate sheets from me. After they stole the lists I told them that any person turning those sign in sheets other than me (I signed an affidavit that I would be legally held responsible for the documents )the scoundrels will be prosecuted for tampering with a government document. The documents were returned to me.

    I will also be able to identify the person who snatched the sign in sheets from the Clinton supporters. I also instructed the conventioneers that Texas is the only state that allows an uncommitted category so if there were any government workers or the media or those were afraid to be a Hillary supporter or anyone who did not want to reveal how they voted could sign in uncommitted.

    2. With the video tape I will be able to identify the women who were instructed by the Obama attorneys at 9:50p.m. to drag me out of the building to “make me take” the sign in sheets to the “elections” department because their vote would not count if it was not in by 10 pm.

    Earlier I advised the conventioneers that the ballot count at the polls would be used to calculate the number of delegates to the national convention from the 23rd Senatorial Convention. Further, I held the official election day ticket tape from precinct 3549 with the count being 70 for Hillary and 528 for Obama. I said that if the count holds true for the entire 23rd District, Obama would get all of the 6 delegates from the 23rd Senatorial District to cast the votes for Obama at the national convention.
    2. I instructed the attorneys that I had informed the conventioneers from Pct. 3549 earlier that I don’t do Illinois and I don’t do New York much less New Mexico. I told the attorneys that if they did not vote in Pct 3549 for the primary they were not allowed in our convention. I advised them that “I was skinning this cat and all they could do was hold the tail” The attorneys refused to leave accusing me of being less than transparent. I agreed to let them stay but mandated that they were prohibited from giving further instructions to my delegation or I would leave. They disagreed and I proceeded to put my things up and go home. All week, my block captains were advised to tell the neighborhood to walk or carpool so that the seniors could have the limited parking spaces, therefore I left the building on foot, the attorneys ran after me bumping into a senior citizen and proceeded chasing me down the street, taking camera pictures while the precinct conventioneers jumped into their vehicles to follow me and just as the street turned into cul de sac I planned to run through the alley to lose them. One of the Obama delegates who will be witness to the intimidation told me to get into his car because he feared that they might do me harm. Then the attorneys started harassing him and taking pictures of his car tags. To keep them from following me to my house and disturbing my 80 year old parents that I care for. I advised the ones harassing me to meet me at Denny’s so I could go home. I then instructed the driver to go through the dark and wooded area of the neighborhood to determine if they were following me. While at a stop sign, I got out of the car and identified the ring leader who was in fact following me. I instructed the driver to take me to the police substation so that I could file criminal stalking and harassment charges. I have been in the neighborhood for over 30 years and had never seen these people before. The ring leader followed me inside thinking that the police station was the elections department and proceeded to tell the DPD officers that I had stolen the voting ballots and that the Obama votes would not be counted. She said that the Attorneys told them the race for the delegates was neck in neck. The police asked me to open my purse to see if the ballots were there. Earlier during the convention ,on at least two occassions, the ringleaders called DPD with false allegations and I advised DPD that the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI were in charge of ballot security and futher I would get the tapes of those who called 911 the next day . I want those individual prosecuted because I do not take kindly to individuals who tie up crime fighters in the most crime ridden city in the nation especially out of towners. The ringleader called the rest of the Obama people on her cell phone who were lost or who were went to Denny’s.

    Once of the reasons the process was taking so long was the Obama campaign’s own doing. With the aide of a microphone I called the convention to order at 7:48 and instructed the secretary to record the time I believe this was a record time to start a convention considering that there was almost 700 people there. The Obama people told the delegates that the Election judge who was for Hillary was going to shut the door down at 7:00 p.m. and not let them in to vote the second time. The polling room was the smallest of all the staging areas because these voters trickeled in and the Obama people stampeded in we had staging area in the gym for the first time voters. The election judge set up with eight machines, hired six clerks, and set up an additional 12 chairs for seniors to wait while seated. The election judge had Hell trying to tell them to let the people in the polling site who had not voted the “first time.” and that they did not have to vote again. They were yelling ” then why am I here or why did they give me this yellow slip and told me to come back to vote again. The Obama people said they were told that if they did not vote the second time their first vote would not count. After the polls closed the election judge allowed those in line to come in. When the polls closed she could not complete the paperwork for the Obama people beating on the door to let them in and vote again. This delayed the convention. The city staff tried to get them to go to the gym that I had reserved for a “holding area” for the sign in procedure. I was prohibited by law from starting the convention process until everyone in line for voting the first time had finished. Those that wanted to stay for the convention would then be asked to proceed to a third room in the center that was set up for 125 to people with. An invitation was given to all voters (95%African Americans) inviting them to a Red Carpet and Bandanas Texas Super Stars Precinct Convention with soul dance instructions for the next dances also known as conventions
    ( Texas Two step is a Western dance.) They were to be served popcorn in brown paper sacks and cactus juice ( Mountain Dew) and Texas Earl Campbell Links with a big screen plasma TV donated by the recreation center advisory for a watch party. ( Some of them asked why I was putting down red carpet) Two additional seperate rooms were reserved for the two “cacus” By them lining up to vote a “second time” they created a fire hazard and people were being trampled on who were trying to vote and others were fainting and complaining that they were hungry because they had been instructed to arrive at the convention by 6:00p.m. so by 8:00p.m. their blood sugar was off and they had to get back to their kids– so they wanted to go home since this was a school night. Earlier the children were crying because their basketball game was canceled and angry parents wanted to know what was going on in the gym if the basketball game had been canceled. I told the angry and sick ones that I was instructed by law to follow the strict procedures and if we violated these procedures that our delegation would not be seated. I continued to tell them this throughout the medlee. If the DNC would not seat whole state delegations in Florida and Michigan what did they think was going to happen to Pct #3549 One of 8,000 precinct in Texas if our delegation did not follow the rules. Some of the Hillary people and the senior citizens for Obama began to cry. The Obama people were shouting that I was stalling the convention while others said I did not take the time explain the rules to them, which is one of the things that I am required to do. I then asked how many people wanted to go to the senatorial convention and I asked for all of the block captains and those who wanted to go as delegates to report to the room reserved for the convention. A head count of the above indicated that they accounted for less than the number of delegation alloted for the senatorial convention.(68)

    When I advised those who wanted to go home because they were not going to vote “twice” for Obama as they had been advised and since there were less candidates than the precinct allotment, everyone eligible that I sent to the convention area could go to the convention if they wanted to and I advised them that all the alternates would be seated at the convention if any of the delegates failed to show up.

    By the way I hope those who will be prosecuted for their wrong doings at Pct.#3549 do not try to hire the “attorney”s for defense attorneys because if they really are attorneys chances are they don’t have a license to practice law in Texas, I suspect they don’t have a bar card at all and if so they will get prosecuted in Texas for practicing law without a lawyer and they certainly will be prosecuted when these videos show up for disenfranching voters.

    The videographer who is trying to blackmail the Obama campaign needs to get an attorney quick. Bush and Sanchez had similar folks prosecuted for the same acts. His tape will not be admitted in court because he could have edited out the Obama wrongdoings but he WILL be investigated for taking videos and violating the privacy rights of the voters.

    Oh, by the way, convention chairs have until 6:00 on Thursday to turn in the lists to the PARTY office and not the elections department. Because of all of the confusion, many of the delegates signed in and left but they did not complete the form and since I have their phone numbers, I advised the crowd (that was trying to steal the lists from me )that I would call the MIA delegates or go by their homes to get the missing information tommorow before I could turn the delegation sign in sheets.

    The vote at the election day polls was 520-70 and the delegation on the official sign in sheets was 100% Obama ( get a copy of what was turned in that night to the Party Chair who was commissioned by the Dallas Police Department to come and settle the Obama People down. The Hillary voters called me on my cell and told me that obama people did not allow them sign the sheets. ( Convention rules If the Hillary delegation did not have enough for a delegate they could go to the convention as an Obama which is what we all will pledge out support to Obama if he wins the nomination. Both are Democrats and we all are in this together . Now turn that into the press. Some Obama people even signed in twice on the official delegation sheets The party is validating if those delegates that signed even live in Dallas much less in Texas because they left their voter registration numbers off which is something else that delayed the process while I was trying to look up their numbers. I know for a fact that Obama came to Dallas with a huge delegation from Chicago. Verify this at the hotel on Elm St. next to the DART station. I have black friends in Nevada who came to the Hillary Campaign to see Hillary at the rally and to report what the Obama campaign did to them there. They came to intimidate and when I called them on the carpet they all said that they were attorneys or attorney’s wives even the homeless ones. i reported all of this to Senator West asking for Peace treaty because I did not want black people potrayed across the country as monkeys.

    Bob, I’m not surprised at your statements, Hillary has been portrayed as every thing negative about females, even a witch
    So I am used to being portrayed as negative that is why I bond with Hillary twice and Obama only as a black person.
    My lawyer is reviewing the description in the headlines here for a libel suit and I suspect this was the job of a Sandra Crenshaw haters in Dallas. Now print that D. Magazine

    Tell Michelle Obama that for the first time in my adult life I am proud to be a Texan where our delegation selection plan will produce 228 delegates that will reflect the diversity of our great state with 50% men and 50% women, 12% African Americans, 30% hispanics and youth under 35. Now print that

    Tell the ALL those from across the world who swarmed our great city to read the road signs along the highway that say “Don’t Mess with Texas.

    More tommorrow.

  9. Bethany says:

    Are you sure your lawyer would advise you to post to a blog you might sue?

  10. Neal says:

    Please tell me sandra crenshaw’s post is the real deal. OMG I’m starting to drool with excitement. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

    Sandra, will you do me a favor and repost your comment in all caps? Please? I’m begging you. You promised “more tomorrow”, so please post all additional comments in all caps as well. I guarantee your comments will get noticed.

    Also, who is Bob? Is he one of your alters?

  11. Harvey Lacey says:

    Democracy is messy. So is chili and bar b que.

    I love it.

  12. Anne McKinney-Page says:

    Yeah, Harvey…..they are messy.

    But unlike Politics, BarBQue and Chili don’t often leave a bad taste in your mouth like Politics does.

    “Tums…..for when the Political Process just won’t end”.

  13. Mr. P says:

    Oh, come on people does this really surprise anyone?
    Precinct Chair,Clinton supporter,the need to deliver some delegates. Rats! I have no
    delegates hey I know I’ll just make myself some.
    Eat breakfast at Denny’s
    Love those pancakes.

  14. JS says:

    If there was any question about the validity of the “description in the headline,” this post confirms its validity. Might I suggest some junior high school classes on the use of punctuation, run-on sentences, and the ability to use words to express thoughts?

  15. Tey says:

    “i reported all of this to Senator West asking for Peace treaty because I did not want black people potrayed across the country as monkeys.”

    Everyone together now…


    Seriously, Sandra. Monkeys?

    Please. Just stop posting.

  16. sandra crenshaw says:

    Js I read blogs all of the time and rarely do the writers take the time to send to an editor for corrections. I really don’t have the time to read or write blogs. I took this time out for the regular voters in my precinct who feel the true story should be told. Please refer to your law books on slander and libel. Incorrect grammer does not validate a person’s state of mind and if you are not a doctor you cannot diagnos.

    i have been to this rodeo before and in all cases these hysterical scenes are orchestrated by local politicans and in each case they have fired up innocent people who end up getting in trouble because they do not know they are committing crimes. What only a few of the politicians have not learned is that when these people are taken to court where both sides are heard They tell all. Do you read the headlines, one wore a monitor, another will wear one soon, one is on deferred adjudication and others suffer and know not where it is coming from. I know my enemies and I know their MO. and the videos will tell it all. So if you don’t like my style of writing wait to read the transcripts.

  17. MIssing Dots says:

    I missed the Red Carpet and Bandanas Texas Super Stars Precinct Convention with soul dance instructions? I hate missing out on popcorn in brown paper sacks, cactus juice, and Texas Earl Campbell Links. This beats any Sweet 16 Party I’ve seen on MTV.

    Is there a way we can get Sandra to a regular contributor to this blog?

  18. Bethany says:

    Sandra, if you send me your stuff, I’ll be happy to copy edit it before you post it.


  19. Brian says:


    Please, please, please stop writing. Your grammar is horrible! People will think you are a product of Dallas schools and vote no on the DISD bond election!

  20. Daniel says:

    Sandra, I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt until I read your unhinged blather. Way to go.

    Top-flight legal advice, too.

  21. IttyBittyWussy says:

    Who’s money was used for cactus juice and renting red carpets at an election place– was it my taxpayer money, or money from the Clinton campaign?

  22. Chris says:

    How is the world did this women come to any position of power??? Do you know what a dictionary is??? Or 3 Grade writing?

  23. A third grader says:

    How in the world did this women come to any position of power? Do you know what a dictionary is? Or third grade writing?

  24. sandra crenshaw says:

    Tey i do notknow your ethniticy or your age, but the elite power structure has always portrayed black people as monkeys. I suspect that if you are a young person black or otherwise you don’t know the history and the ruling elists effort to convince the public that blacks come from monkeys and are not capabble of governance to justify slavery or the guilt associated with the oppression we suffered. On the View this morning, they acknowledged that the campaign through the media had the voters fire up by misleading them.

    That’s why dwayne caraway and others are trying hard to keep our children from following the media’s attempt to glamourize the criminal elements and the gangster world. So you need to ask somebody.
    Asking me to stop doing something is like inviting me to the soap box and I will use every chance at the mike to reaffirm what I said . You look at those videos.
    Channel 8 Debra DEnman told the voters to vote early and return to the polls to vote again. I e-mailed channel 8 for a correction and they said they were just reporting what they had been told. The party said they could not take responsibility for others interpretations of what they said. I went to both camps and called in to radio shows predicting that there was going to be bedlam when they were not allowed to VOTE twice. Don’t play with my people. Somebody is going to be held accountable for this. Older black people take their votes seriously, some of their parents died trying to get us the right to vote and I am willing to die to see to it that they get to exercise it. You just gave the platform and the enemies tuesday night just gave me the mike.

  25. Brian says:

    She is following the playbook:

    Scream racism (monkeys?)
    Blame the elite power structure (I wish I knew who they were)
    Bring up children & seniors (only she can protect them)
    Blame the media (unless she needs them)

    She is missing the “George Bush hates black people” line but I can only assume that is coming soon.

    Did Terri Hodge send Sandra her talking points?

  26. sandra crenshaw says:

    writing on a blog does not validate one’s state of mind or level of intelligience. Just wait for the transcripts. As for the money don’t play hate on my precinct because we like to do things in style. We took up a donation to buy the refreshments and decorations. The real issue here is disenfransement and I will not be distracted. If those who want to edit my work before posting I’ll take you up on the offer so that I do not miss a beat on getting this episode on the record in a court of law. Please e-mail me at because it is not fair to DISD to attribute my haste ( I am not a product of DISD) but I study under Dr. Thomas Freeman who was recognized in the movie the Great Debates. I was member of the TSU Speech Team which is nationally recognized so set up a debate with a call in radio show with one of the radio stations and take me on. Read the book the called the White Metropolis and any of Michael Dyson’s books before you try to refute anything I have to say.

  27. Daniel says:

    writing on a blog does not validate one’s state of mind or level of intelligience.

    Truer words were never spoken.

    I still extend the benefit of the doubt to Sandra Crenshaw — I haven’t seen any evidence that she “went beserk.” Plus, I haven’t read the book the called the White Metropolis, and so am unqualified to refute her key points, whatever those may be exactly.

  28. Daniel says:

    Woops. Well, that’s the comeuppance for a smart-ass, I guess.

  29. ERG says:

    Just a bit of advice: When you write something in anger and frustration, put it aside and wait a day before you send it. I got bits and pieces of Ms. Crenshaw’s post, and there may be some legitimate complaints, but the lack of organization and focus obscure everything else. It suggests to me that that same lack of organization and focus may have been present on election night.

  30. Puddin'Tane says:

    Sweet Jesus on a stick!!! This just made my day!!!!!LMFAO!!!!

    People be player hatin’ and perpetratin’ y’all!!!!!

  31. Brian says:

    I am insane now.

    Someone please tell me what “disenfransement” means.

    The TSU Speech team? I guess that is where they teach “leaders” like Sandra to scream and talk over someone during a debate. Oh, and when she realizes she is losing a debate, she screams “You’s a racist.”

    I only hope she is around as a spokesperson for the Democratic party this fall.

  32. IttyBittyWussy says:

    I completely understand not being able to edit your post for clarity (and to remove incriminating admissions) because you are “too busy.”

    So tell me what else they had on The View this morning, I just love sitting around the house watching daytime TV.

  33. Bill Brasky says:

    Somebody needs to hand over their award. Eric?

  34. Neal says:

    Sandra, I repeat my request that you please post all future comments in all caps.

  35. just a required name says:


    the reason people got up in arms is because they thought their votes were going to be altered. this is apparently not the case. all is good.

    since the idiot with the video camera won’t release the video without some sort of compensation, and the results of the vote are correct, then i would suggest you let this one go already.

    further talk of lawsuits, race, and political positioning from activists will only add fuel to a smoldering fire… feel free to continue though; i’m always up for a good laugh.

  36. CrenshawSucks says:

    Crenshaw you are a disgrace and always have been.

  37. Marty Cortland says:


    I came to this line of comments at the advice of a friend who suggested that your post of earlier today evidenced borderline retardation. I am glad to see the my friend’s observations remain astute and acute.

    Rather than berserking, have you alternatively tried working? Especially on your compositional grammar.


  38. Puddin'Tane says:

    I now pronounce this the BESTEST THREAD EVER on The Burn!

    I can’t stop laughing!

  39. Crenshaw Needs Spellcheck says:


    Please use spell check prior to posting future messages. Also, please consider watching Sesame Street on a daily basis, as you will find the program informative and educational. I believe that after a few episodes, you will likely become a much better writer and speller. My 5 year old watches Sesame Street religiously, and consequently, is a much better writer and speller than you are. Also, I believe that you will be able to relate to the character “Oscar the Grouch,” and perhaps find comfort in his plight against the [garbage] man.

  40. Dave Garred says:

    This is funny, but there is no way that’s the real Sandra Crenshaw. I refuse to believe that a former member of my City Council can be that uneducated. I’ve seen 11-year olds make more intelligent (and grammatically correct) posts than this rambling.

    I betting some middle schooler is yanking our chains, people.

  41. Cyberslooth says:

    “If those who want to edit my work before posting I’ll take you up on the offer so that I do not miss a beat on getting this episode on the record in a court of law.”

    It is my opinion that this is not the work of Sandra Crenshaw, but rather that of Dr. Maxine Thornton-Reese, who appears to be posing as Crenshaw. I recognize unmistakable similarities in these Shakespearean-like sentences. Poignant. Very poignant indeed are these well constructed sentences.

  42. Doug says:

    The frightening part is that it isn’t an 11 year old, it’s a former Council Member….

  43. Drew says:

    Yes, please, please, please tell us what “disenfransement” is. I’m DYING to know!

  44. Dear Marty Cortland:

    I don’t know who you are, but you’re not I. (As proof, I quibble with your use of “alternatively” in the first sentence of the second paragraph, which, I think, if you’ll re-read your post, you’ll agree.) That being said, I have a column deadline looming, and you’re welcome to impersonate me there, too. Please submit your draft to me at Alternatively, please send it directly to Tim Rogers at

    Be forewarned: the gig doesn’t pay well.


  45. Steve says:

    “Js I read blogs all of the time and rarely do the writers take the time to send to an editor for corrections. I really don’t have the time to read or write blogs.”

    Well, which is it?

  46. Mr. P says:

    If people would bother to come to a city council meeting, or even listen a time or two, it would scare the bejeezus outta them. It should be required viewing before any city elections.
    Don’t bother listening to those silly speeches,
    just watch them in action.
    Oh by the way I think you can get some of SC’s classic city council clip from the city archives.
    Sorry for the run-on sentences.
    Eat breakfast at Denny’s
    Love those pancakes.

  47. Daniel says:

    I told the angry and sick ones that I was instructed by law to follow the strict procedures and if we violated these procedures that our delegation would not be seated. I continued to tell them this throughout the medlee.

    Hopefully a “medlee” of Texas Two Step* Music.

    *Texas Two Step is a Western dance.

  48. The Other Marty Cortland says:


    You’re right. I’m not Marty Cortland — you are.

    And if did write your column, Rogers would have a fit as a result of my run-on and prolix sentences, which would never be confused with your own prose stylings.

    So you win this one. But never, ever again friggin’ forget that you work for me.

    The Other Marty Cortland

  49. Mr. P says:

    That’s Medley LOL.

  50. julie says:

    Sandra, please. You are not representing the Democrats, or Hillary Clinton, well with your behavior and tirades. Please do us all a favor and quit posting to this blog. What happened Tuesday night is a private matter that you need to discuss with your attorney. You are only doing yourself harm by ranting here.

    Don’t you understand that you are doing the Democrats, and black people, no favors with your ranting here?

  51. SLR says:

    Let’s all at least agree to agree on one thing: “monkey” is one friggin’ funny word.

  52. JS says:

    Crenshaw: “Incorrect grammer does not validate a person’s state of mind and if you are not a doctor you cannot diagnos.”

    How about spelling? Please explain how one does “validate a person’s state of mind”? And I actually can diagnose various illnesses without being a doctor. Please continue to validate Frontburner’s “headline” — I am sure D Mag’s lawyers will appreciate every post from you.

  53. Tim Rogers says:

    For those who’d like a greatest hits from Crenshaw, visit this post:

  54. Don in Austin says:

    Wow. Yall(apostrophe absent by choice)are harsh. I’ve seen far worse grammar and certainly worse spelling from graduates of our esteemed Texas engineering schools.

    If HRC caucus folks from this precinct were blocked from signing, then maybe we need some of them to chime in so we can get the whole story. The results of the caucus are usually announced so there wouldn’t be a problem with her taking the package unless the results changed appreciatively from the announcement, which would indeed cause concern and justify an investigation. FWIW. IJS.

  55. Puddin'Tane says:

    Marty Cortland is a jackass but I love Marty Cortland.

    Now the two of you duke it out as to which one is the jackass and which is the one I love.

    My little version of “Will the Real Marty Cortland Please Stand Up”.


  56. the amanda says:

    Should we tell Sandra now about Texas civil law regarding defamation, libel, or slander regarding public/ political figures or wait? Okay, we of the Frontburner nation will wait. But, I will promise, Sandra, that I will break ranks and tell you if you can post just one more time without any grammatical or punctuation errors.

  57. Dear Puddin’Tane:

    The period goes inside the quotation mark (and my pointing that out is one of the many things you love about me).

    That line from “The Other Marty Cortland” about not forgetting who works for whom makes me suspect that it was my wife impersonating me. Her, or the IRS (for which I spend almost 40% of my time working).

    That’s a teaser for my next column.


  58. Tim Rogers says:

    Dear Julie (1:45pm): Please keep suchlike comments to yourself, or there’ll be no cactus juice for you.

  59. Bethany says:

    Sandra? Dennys? I’m buyin’.

  60. VQ says:

    This is just another antic by this political garbage of Dallas, Sandra Crenshaw. Continuing to “correct” elections isn’t the right thing to do and a person with honor or integrity should be representing the community. Hopefully this scoundrel is prosecuted to the full extent of the law and the media for her disgusting actions. I suppose her association to shady Dallas politicians like Old Al and the various other shady characters she’s been “in bed with” in the past. You can google this woman and her garbage floats right to the top.

  61. Dallasite says:

    The British place the periods outside the quotation marks. I like this practice, and have decided to start a grassroots effort to give the period a location it deserves at the end of the sentence, not the almost “end”.

  62. Bob Barker says:

    I’ll just go ahead and admit that I am quite intrigued by the possibility of meeting Bethany and The Amanda, perhaps at The Grapevine, and the other possibilities that may follow.

    I cannot be alone in this, either 🙂

  63. Bethany says:

    As my senior AP english teacher pointed out, we tossed the British out on their keesters more than 200 years ago.

    The period stays nestled inside the quotation marks, with the rest of its quotation brethren.

  64. Bethany says:

    No offense Bob, but at this point, I’m more intrigued about the possibility of meeting Sandra Crenshaw at Denny’s.

    Sandra, where art thou?

  65. Dallasite says:


    I’m afraid you will be sorely disappointed if you expect the mainstream media to give borderline retarded Ms Crenshaw the public relations crucification that she so richly deserves. Their fear of being identified as politically incorrect will always override their desire to report the news.

  66. Bethany says:

    i meant punctuation brethren. This is what happens when your boss is pointing at snow like a howler monkey, convinced of his imminent demise in a snowy apocalypse.

  67. Dallasite says:

    Since quotations are punctuation, I fully understood your intent.

    Nice use of the term “howler monkey” by the way.

  68. Okay, look at this quote from Sandra Crenshaw:
    “Js I read blogs all of the time and rarely do the writers take the time to send to an editor for corrections. I really don’t have the time to read or write blogs. I took this time out for the regular voters in my precinct who feel the true story should be told. Please refer to your law books on slander and libel. Incorrect grammer does not validate a person’s state of mind and if you are not a doctor you cannot diagnos.”
    She contradicts herself about her blog reading habits, gives a veiled threat of action against “libel” and “slander”, then in her final feat of phrasing denegrated people for using “incorrect grammer” (I guess grammar, not spelling, is needed on blogs) and for not being doctors who “diagnos”.
    Seriously, is she actually writing these posts?
    If she really is, does she need a doctor to “diagnos” her “grammer” or a psychologist to help her contradictory self?

  69. Puddin'Tane says:

    The question is whether the period comes at the end of the sentence or the quotation with in the sentence. In this instance,as Dallasite points out, the peroid falling outside of the quotation marks is correct.

    The questioning of the period placement also reveals that *This Marty* is the jackass.

    Well… that and the fact he signed off that way.

  70. Daniel says:

    The period may go “inside the quotation marks”; the semicolon, however, does not.

    Also, the British only put the period outside if it is not part of the quoted material (which would make Puddin Tane correct were he in Great Britain).

  71. Dear Dallasite:

    Bethany makes a trenchant observation regarding the snaggle-toothed Redcoats, although I would clarify her statement about the “quotation brethren” by pointing out that the semicolon, colon, question mark, and exclamation point go inside or outside the quotation mark depending on whether they are part of the quotation (and if so, inside) or not (in which case, outside). Just the period and the comma always go inside the quotation mark. Got it?

    (Plus, if you were a true Anglophile, you would have spelled it “practise,” not “practice.)


  72. Jon of Northern Califia says:

    Um, is Crenshaw confusing the Primary and Caucus voting here?

    Texans had every right to vote once in the Democratic Primary and once in the Democratic Caucus that followed. But Crenshaw’s message reads like she may see that as “voting twice” and if so, that it’s not permissable. That thinking is simply wrong, and may have led to disenfranchisement of some voters.

    Frankly, I don’t think Crenshaw understands the Two-Step. And unbeknowst to her, it appears she broke several rules. The Obama supporters she rants against were right to be concerned.

    I believe Crenshaw meant well, but her skills as a politician were sorely lacking that night. The resulting mess is a shame.

    Sandra wrote…
    “Channel 8 Debra Denman told the voters to vote early and return to the polls to vote again. I e-mailed channel 8 for a correction and they said they were just reporting what they had been told. The party said they could not take responsibility for others interpretations of what they said. I went to both camps and called in to radio shows predicting that there was going to be bedlam when they were not allowed to VOTE twice.”

  73. Puddin'Tane says:

    Might we invite our dear Ms. Crenshaw to join this debate? I’m sure she could enlighten us with her opinion.

  74. Dallasite says:

    Thank you for the Strunk and White Cliff Notes, Marty. Since I have already decided to bend the English language to my will, just as the audacious Ms Crenshaw has, such outdated “rules” of grammar will no longer be of use to me.

    Once I am finished hitting my inside the quotes homerun, I plan on abolishing the period altogether. Every paragraph will simply be one long sentence.

  75. Daniel says:

    Gee thanks, Marty. As if Sandra Crenshaw didn’t already know that.

    Having just eaten with amusement a Big Mac in a foreign capital, I should like to condescend to inform you (helpfully) that Texas Two Step is a Western dance.


  76. RickJamesFan says:

    I found an old video of Sandra Crenshaw.

  77. Puddin'Tane says:

    “Every paragraph will simply be one long sentence.”

    And in ALL CAPS.

    (Per Neal’s request.)

  78. Mr. P says:

    Hey everyone call Dallas City Hall, and ask for
    SC’s Classic City Council clips.
    Just watching those will explain much, and quite frankly funny as hell.
    I’d love to see some on Youtube heheheh.

  79. Neal says:

    Thanks Puddin, but I only want Sandra’s posts to be in all caps. 😀

  80. SpiderMonkey says:

    WHERE IS DIANE RAGSDALE? I assumed that by now she would have come to her former colleague’s aid. Perhaps Diane can shed some light on the fascinatingly bizarre behavior of one of Dallas’ most ‘prolific’ politicians.

  81. Puddin'Tane says:

    What’s the record number of posts for any thread here on The Burn?

    Are we there yet?

  82. RickJamesFan says:

    Three Excerpts from a Dallas Observer story,
    April 27, 2000

    The best part:
    In court proceedings, she wrote “Do not have full emotional stability to sustain concentrated effort.”

    Part One
    Beyond that, Crenshaw conceded in an interview that the feds also accused her of bribery in the Yellow Cab-Lipscomb case. She agreed to a limited immunity deal and testified for the state before the grand jury that indicted Lipscomb. Although Crenshaw admits she accepted cash from Yellow Cab, she says she either reported the money as campaign contributions or solicitied it as charity for social-service organizations in her district.

    Part Two
    Crenshaw says a less forgiving electorate — not an ethics code — will clean up District 8. Her campaign, she said, is all about “full exposure” of the practices of crooked politicians she knows. She conceded in an interview, though, that she accepted use of a truck, received free car repairs, and often stopped by the Yellow Cab office for a drink before and after meetings — all while sitting on the council and championing the company’s position in votes and interviews.”

    Part Three
    Upset by unfavorable publicity about her involvement with Yellow Cab, Crenshaw brought civil lawsuits over the past year and a half against Channel 11 and Rufus Shaw, who writes a column for the Elite News. In the Channel 11 case, which a judge later threw out, Crenshaw represented herself. She pleaded indigence, asked the court to waive filing fees, and filled in answers about her finances on a required questionnaire.

    In the document, which was file-stamped in February 1999, the 46-year-old Crenshaw wrote that she was not employed.

    “Do not have full emotional stability to sustain concentrated efforts,” Crenshaw wrote. She described her occupation as “contract labor for political and government purposes.”

    In her suit against Shaw, filed last month, she described her occupation as “sales.” In her filing for the city council seat filed earlier this month, Crenshaw listed her occupation as “community relations.”

    Asked to explain specifically how she supports herself, Crenshaw said that “my family supports me” and that they would continue to do so if she retakes a seat on the council, which pays $50 a meeting for expenses.”

  83. Mr. P says:

    Ha ha was that her in the back or was that a brain, er I mean body double?
    They made that video right after a council meeting ya know.

  84. Bethany says:

    I miss Sandra. I miss her wit, her charm, her dashing way with a story (car chases! Dennys! hairless cats with tails!). I realize it’s only been a few hours since her last post and, well, she did warn us that she didn’t have time to read blogs, but Sandra, you left me hanging, and now they’re talking about letting the British take over. Do you see that Sandra? When you don’t post, the British win.

  85. mark cahill says:

    Dave Garred @ March 6th, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    “This is funny, but there is no way that’s the real Sandra Crenshaw. I refuse to believe that a former member of my City Council can be that uneducated.”

    Why would she be any different than many of the current members of City Council?

  86. Mr. P says:

    So much for the unwashed masses huh?

  87. Mr. P says:

    I’m sorry the unwashed electorate

  88. Bethany says:

    I went back and read Sandra’s first post. It makes way more sense if you listen to that music from Benny Hill with it.

    I give you this: Just open it, let it play, then come back and read the account. Muuuuuuuuuuuuch better.

  89. Mr. P says:

    If I only had the video.

  90. Bethany says:

    Someone needs to tell that kid to get over himself.

    At this point, it’s a curiosity most likely, and to us. The Clinton and Obama camps are more focused on winning the remaining primaries, and finding out if the penalized states will get to possibly hold new caucuses or primaries. If the latter happens, that could possibly bring in far more delegates than the handful at best at stake here.

    He needs to fork it over to the local Democratic Party for review, at the very least. But a handicam of a bunch of people fighting with one lady over a manila envelop is not going to parlay into a career.

  91. the amanda says:

    Bob- I’m in, I can’t speak for Bethany, but can I bring my husband, and tween daughter? The ambiance would capture the special family moment I am sure you were looking for. Should we all start e-mailing our beloved Sandi? Is she going to make us beg? More than we already have?

  92. Bethany says:

    Sandy can’t you see, I’m in misery
    we made a start, now we’re apart,
    there’s nothing left for me
    love has flown, all alone
    I sit and wonder whyyy oh why
    you left me oh Sandy

  93. Bethany says:

    I’d be in, but I don’t have a tween husband and a daughter…

  94. Bob Barker says:

    The Amanda–I am obviously in. but drop a line to Bethany; it seems she has a standing invite for Ms. C at Denny’s that may preclude any get together en masse.

    But definitely bring your husband and daughter. We at Frontburner nation are always open to making new friends, and The G’vine surely has some Hannah Montana on that awesome jukebox!

  95. the amanda says:

    Bethany, the hairless cat got her tongue. I guess we will have to do actual work tomorrow. Dang it.

  96. Mr. P says:

    News Flash!
    Eye-Witness News reported that the former Dallas City Council member has been kidnapped.
    No suspects are known at this time, but inside sources say it may be the work of the New Mexican Front for Political Action. A representative for the NMFPA in a telephone interview denied any knowledge of the alleged kidnapping – note snickering in the background.
    We will give you updates as soon as they are available in this on going saga.
    Next up the Weather.

  97. Bethany says:

    It’s just as well, the amanda. I know this is probably too much information, but I kept snotting my screen today. Two days in a row and my boss is probably gonna think something’s seriously wrong.

  98. educate me says:

    ms crenshaw you were a substitute teacher in my class. we thought you were a pathetic example then. you’ve since graduated. how in heaven’s name can you post this rubbish? after reading your best i can see why nancy said, ” just say no!”

  99. Bethany says:

    Pot, meet kettle. You have a lot in common, including your charming disregard for the common rules of punctuation and grammar that generally guard against the outright homocide of the English language.


  100. Puddin'Tane says:

    The exclamation was inside the quotations.

    And I posted just to hit 100.


  101. Bethany says:

    And that was just about the ONLY thing that was correct. 😉

  102. JS says:

    “Pot, meet kettle.” Now you had to go get all racial on us. You best be careful with your high falutin’ sayings before you end up holding the tail while Sandra skins that cat. Now excuse me, I’m off to have some popcorn in a brown paper sack, a cactus juice, and a tasty Texas Earl Campbell Link.

  103. Bethany says:

    What exactly is a Texas Earl Campbell Link?

  104. Puddin'Tane says:

    Deep SE Texas delicious is what that is!!!

    I just gotta go to that Stop-n-Rob down on Industrial and get The Big Pickle to go with.

    Damn fine eats, Y’all!!!

  105. Bethany says:’s not one of those unnaturally red, elongated sausage looking things floating in a jar of its own vinegary amniotic fluid one sees when the pay at the pump thing doesn’t work and you have to actually go inside the convenience store, is it?

  106. Judith says:

    Dear Ms. Crenshaw, for someone who does not have time to read blogs you do comment a LOT.

    I have not read all the crap you have written, but I could wager that you have not mentioned two things

    (1) the leadership of your party believes that you were trying to fix the voting so it could favor your candidate

    (2) your main opposition to a lot of voters is that you had never seen them before. Well dearie, in this primaries/caucuses there are million of people who are voting for the first time!

    Also, a question–are you bothered by the HRC caucus official who was INSTRUCTING the Latino voters to vote for HRC?

    And lastly, no way in hell will I write to you personally, I am afraid of nuts.

  107. Bethany says:

    Even hazelnuts? They’re relatively small, and their shells are easy to crack.

  108. JS says:

    Bethany, no it’s not one of those things. I don’t know if The Tyler Rose has his own brand, but I believe hot links often are referred to as Earl Campbell links. Much better than plain ole sausage links.

  109. Bethany says:

    Oh…whew. Because I’m pretty sure those things are only eaten by the drunken or the dared.

  110. Wayne says:

    Hey, has anyone verified that Ms. Crenshaw actually was a member of the TSU debate team? There is not an explicit mention of TSU in any of her numerous online profiles and resumes, some of which were submitted as official documents in court filings and job applications. In fact, did she ever graduate from college? I don’t see that mentioned at all in her own writings.

  111. 75214 says:

    Very interesting questions Wayne.

    I think DMag should start asking those questions….Tim Rogers, to the batcave!!

  112. Bethany says:

    I did a cursory glance last night, but didn’t find anything. I’ve yet to get a response from my e-mail to Ms. Crenshaw, or my invitation to Denny’s.

  113. Lakeweird P1 says:

    Sandra, you are an unedumacated bigot. You bond with Hillary because she’s a woman and because she’s black? Are you shitting me? How would you react if a white male city council member said he’s voting for McCain based on his race and gender?

    One other thing: black people are descendants of monkeys, just like every other person on this planet.

  114. Bethany says:

    You mean that’s not why they’re voting for him?

  115. Puddin'Tane says:

    News flash! This just in:

    Rumor has it that Marty Cortland will be volunteering to teach English Composition 101 and directing the debate team at TSU.

    As if Marty isn’t busy enough on the bookstore circuit promoting his new book “Marty Cortland’s 10 Secrets to Getting As Rich As He Is” , writing his column for D, shopping with his wife and correcting grammatical errors on a blog, Marty has now taken on volunteering for a good cause!

    It is so moving to know that a man as rich and accomplished as Marty Cortland could still have a heart and be moved to action by such an example as Sandra Crenshaw. Be assured that the fine people at TSU will welcome Marty with open arms and give him every opportunity to uplift and increase the quality of programs at that esteemed institution.

    Even Steve Blow may be impressed.

  116. Lakeweird P1 says:

    I’m sure many people WILL vote for McCain for those very reasons. Look at it this way; it’s one thing to think your next door neighbors wife is a fat ugly heifer, but to broadcast that opinion for everyone to hear is an entirely different scenario.

  117. Mr. P says:

    I also thought we had a more reptilian ancestry
    although I could be mistaken.
    Love Denny’s eat more pancakes.

  118. Lakeweird P1 says:

    Reptiles don’t eat pancakes, but monkey’s do. Personally, I love me some pancakes. What time you going to Denny’s? I’ll be the Mr. Creosote lookin guy sitting at the center table. Look for me.

    PS: Bring me a bucket.

  119. Bethany says:

    uh…..a bucket?

  120. Lakeweird P1 says:

    Bethany, its a reference to Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”. Mr. Creosote was a character in this scene. He was a genteel man with a very hearty appetite.

  121. Bethany says:

    Ah….We’ve had so much hyperbole thrown in with the cactus juice and the linkamagigs and the whosises…

  122. Anne McKinney-Page says:

    Since Fair Bethany seems unfamiliar with Porcine based food products, I did some quick Gogle research for her.

    Hot Links are a sausage product filled with ground pork, and spices in a casing. The spices in hot links are particularly strong…and the faint of heart, or those with sensitive stomaches should just say no.

  123. VQ says:

    any idea of when this video is going to come out? I’ve been prowling youtube and elsewhere but to no avail.

  124. Anne McKinney-Page says:

    I believe our young, psuedo videographer is biding his time….attempting to find a way to make the release of the video financially advantageous to himself.

    I think by the time he realizes that he is NOT Francis Ford Coppola of the Caucus Set, the interest in this video will have waned to disinterest and disgust.

    Perhaps that would be best for Ms Crenshaw….but it is not in the best interest of Voting, and Fair Government.

  125. VQ says:

    I don’t know why everyone is saying that he’s trying to make a buck off of this. I don’t think I’ve read it reported by any sources that he’s asked for money or a job from either campaign.

    I’m sure it’s not easy to get such a controversial video into the right hands without some hoops to jump through.

  126. Anonmous Counselor says:

    Sandra, you need to get help.

    Do you have a friend or family member that you trust?

    You need to see a psychiatrist or mental health professional as soon as possible.

    Here are some helpful resources:
    Dallas MetroCare Services
    1380 River Bend Drive
    Dallas, TX 75247-4914
    Crisis Phone: 214-743-1200
    Main Phone: 214-743-1200

    Dallas County MHMR
    2822 Wimbledon Ct.
    Apt# A
    Garland, TX 75041
    Phone: (972) 278-9727

    Stephanie Hinds, M.D.
    13140 Coit Rd Ste 518
    Dallas, TX 75240
    Phone: (469) 330-7378

    Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
    P.O. Box 12668
    Austin, TX 78711-2668
    Phone: 512-206-4588
    Fax: 512-206-4560

    Texas Mental Health Consumers
    7701 North Lamar Boulevard, Suite 500
    Austin, TX 78752
    Phone: 512-451-3191
    Fax: 512-451-8302
    Toll-free: 800-860-6057

    Or you can find Medicare/Medicade provided help by contacting:

    Dallas Regional Office
    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
    1301 Young Street, Suite 833
    Dallas, TX 75202
    Phone: 214-767-6401
    Fax: 214-767-0323

    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
    7500 Security Boulevard
    Baltimore, MD 21244-1850
    Phone: 410-786-3000

  127. sandra crenshaw says:

    i wonder why the comments stopped after the writer submitted referrals for mental health agencies. Rufus Shaw,who was known in the political community as a bully, a wife beater, and a terrorist who used public humilation as a weapon in his newspaper columns for years, has killed himself and his wife. Shaw once wrote in response to “why the negative things toward Sandra Crenshaw” was because he did not want white people to think I had credibility in the black community. While on the council, I voted against a minority front business deal he had put forth to the detriment of a white business owner. Rufus is not here today to defend himself but for years he wrote in newspapers that did not allow responses to his editorials. I respectfully submitted my side of the stories under oath in the court of law and in filing as an indigent I spoke of my pain, that is comical to those here. It is well documented in a court of appeals that agreed I suffered from civil disability from people like Rufus who called company after company and threatened to ruin their businesses if they continued to employe me.
    Rufus left messages with others that he and his wife could not withstand the same public humilation that they had inflicted on others. He could not bear the public scrutiny and allegations of wrongdoings that he tried to deflect on others. He had no money to defend himself and his wife. Pride is a sin. I humbled myself and I live. Elswhere I write that I understand how Rufus felt before he took his life. The difference between he and I, is that I have faith in a higher being and “that of the blog here— this too shall pass.” Rufus and his gang have done alot of good in this community but they particpated in schemes that robbed from the poor so that they can live the life of the rich. An old slave song says “I”ll be dead in my grave before I will be a slave” This musical resolve better defines me than what has been written here. My ancestors died for my right to vote and I am willing to die for my right to exercise it. Rufus wrote “by the time you get this message my enemies will see to it that I am dead” we know not who his enemies are but mine have case numbers and I live. I stayed on my knees and on the verse directing me to make my enemies my footstools and reminding me that venegance is the Lord’s— thus my enemies live. To the Shaws, we should show gratitude that they took their lives with ceremoney and with responsibility; for others choose to make headlines with mass murders. Rufus never told me that he was sorry. But at least his outcry of despair at his end let me know that he was human. His heart has stopped and mine is free. I ask when will we learn to respectfully disagree? Lack of time and one second accidental hit on a draft submit button revealed hours of mean spiritedness, racists, sexists,bigots, and the ugly in us. so anoylis caller I hope Anonmous Counselor left the list of mental health providers for all here. It may not be tommorow but in life there will be sorrow and For All will reap what they sow. May the Shaws RIP and if you can find it in your heart add their only son to your prayers.

    PS Because of the reporting in the Observer, personal information is no longer available to those who choose to kick people while they are down. While we are all waiting for the tapes and the court filings I’m still waiting for the radio show debates. Let’s skip the raucous at the cacus and let’s talk about bullies and suicide and mental health. The Boy Scouts do. (BOA now classes on how to deal with bullies.)

  128. BLM says:

    Wow. Appears that ol’ Sandra knows a little about legal issues — you can’t libel or slander the dead. So, now that she can’t be sued, she attacks Mr. Shaw. I bet that took a lot of courage.

    Well, I guess everyone who posted comments on here calling her stupid, ignorant, idiotic, etc., were all wrong.

    Now we know that Sandra Crenshaw is nothing more than a mean-spirited bitch.

  129. crenshaw sandra says:

    this is my last response on this blog. For the record,the family of the deceased may file suit for slandering their loved one’s legacy. However I did not say anything about Rufus here that is not true. Why don’t write express your feelings to the Dallas Morning News who were much more explicit. Rufus has written many of articles about his enemies. Evidently, you don’t get the lesson from their death. We must learn to respectfully disagree. If you need some help in grieivng see the above pride is a sin and grief is real. God Bless you BLM, I hope your heart becomes free.

  130. blm says:

    I did it! She says the above is her last blog entry! I finally stopped Sandra from sharing her vile, hatred and garbage. Not only is my heart free–but we all are free! Cactus juice is on me!

  131. sandra crenshaw says:

    Are you coming to the Rec Center to serve us. We cried in our juice the next day after our convention was ruined and our first time voters will be challenged at the convention. Justice prevails in the end, it always does.
    Sorry,but I have never learned how responding to vile and hatred is worse than the agitators. I do not know you. Show some guts and reveal yourself. I notice you said everyone here calling her ………but you did not take credit for any of it. I’ve created a log of who has said what. Let me get back to you. The best thing to do with me is mumble the last word under your breath where I cannot hear or read it and then that way you can win.

  132. Anne McKinney-Page says:

    I just finally got around to checking this thread…and all I can say is…wow….damn, Sandra…you are truly the lowest form of life I have ever had the misfortune of knowing.

    You truly are a sick, vitriolic witch whose disgraces not only her former constituents, the former council members you served with…your family, who must have the patience of Job to have put up with your mental instabilty all these years….and your friends, who probably have long tired of your madness.

    And finally, you disgrace and demoralize the entire Black community, who has had to endure years of your political antics….your emotional outbursts….and had to accept the reality that you took money from the same sources you attacked others for.

    You were more than willing to drink with, and be bought off by the owner of a cab company…at the same time you were voting on Taxi licenses and certification.

    Your vitriolic attacks on others stems more from an anger at no longer riding that illegal slush fund gravy train that it does because you claim you are trying to defend, and fight for the Civil Rights of others.

    Why don’t you just shut up, stop the continued attacks on the Shaws, and all those who did better than you financially (the real sticking point that truly eats at your craw)…and get the mental help you so desperately need.

    You are beyond pathetic….you are just nauseating at this point.

  133. anonymous reader says:

    I am just now getting around to reading this because I truly do have a life. I think it’s telling that so many refer to Ms. Crenshaw’s errors in spelling and grammar to infer that she is ignorant and even mentally ill while making their own errors! Hey Anonmous Counselor, you can cut and paste,but can you spell?

  134. Anne McKinney-Page says:

    Dear Anonymous Reader:

    Wouldn’t it be better if you had a better grasp of the written word, and punctuation BEFORE you started to attack others?

    From my estimate, you left out SIX commas, and forgot to put in a space between words.


    Your attack of someone who WAS trying to help, was not only misplaced…..but a sad attempt on your part.

    Sandra is not mentally ill because of her spelling, and her typos.

    Sandra mental stability is being called into question over her long paragraphs, limited sentence structure, and syntax.

    She rambles on and and from topic to topic, all within one or two huge chunks of info.

    Her behavior, strange phone calls…and let us NOT forget, her late night police-involved chase on Election night, shows that her oars don’t touch the water that often.

    At least “Anonymous Counselor” tried to help.

    Which, it seems, you did not.

    And Sandra’s continued rambling posts, and misguided attacks help no one either…not her, not her case…and certainly not her public image within the community.

  135. Anne McKinney-Page says:

    oops…I left out a few moments of punctuation as well….

    Oh, how I wish there was an edit function on this board…LOL

  136. Denise says:

    This tone and conversation is incredible. I can not believe how human beings treat each other. I’m going to apologize to everyone for everyone on this board.

    God help us and God Bless the United States of America. Wow, I left this site “truly” thinking dogs and cats are better off.

  137. Keep working ,great job!